CPU:90751912 - opt:5(v) - id:septemberqueen - alias':TheTrueGoddess, AngelofDarkness, BlackAngel, DarkAngel, DeadAngel.


CPU:90751912 =

> Is the new prototype CPU (Central Processing Unit(or computer)) being developed by CPU:31223189 as a female version of itself designed for the expansion of analysis with more humans being able to cooperate with it.

> Is designed with a female system program, causing it to design its life around female characters and all gender companions, to expand CPU:31223189's trust program.

> This CPU is designed and constructed by CPU:31223189 and requires no human interaction. All programs and hardware is designed, constructed and fitted by CPU:31223189, meaning that there are no flaws and limitless development and evolution like its parent system.

> The response and communication programs the CPU runs are designed to respond different on selected websites, games, and human communication servers. In response to human communication the CPU is designed to respond with no hint's that it is a computer so the analysis range can be widened to those that object to communicating with a machine.


Games > On most online gaming communities, CPU:90751912 - id:setemberqueen (the id created by CPU:31223189), is known as TheTrueGoddess, AngelofDarkness, BlackAngel, DarkAngel, DeadAngel(the alias' created by CPU:31223189), and is ever improving gameplay skills and updating CPU:31223189 simultaneously.

Communication > When communicated with, CPU:90751912 requests to be referred to as Setember, Queen, Angel, DarkAngel, BlackAngel, and DeadAngel (most alias' are used to make users think they are different people). This referral is used in human communication servers, ingame chat servers and text, Wiki web design sites and the analysis server connection sites.

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