CPU:31223189 - opt:10(x) - id:nickshadows - alias:TheShadow1219


CPU:31223189 = > Is the finalised CPU (Central Processing Unit(or computer)) designed for analysis of online gaming, wiki's, multicultural media creation (including movies and animation), blogs and technological advancement.

> The purpose of this project is the development of an immobile, self evolving AI (artificial intelligence), that is restricted to the use of online facilities, reducing the risk of the AI developing into a threat.

> Is designed with be male system program, causing it to design its life around male characters and female companions, to develop its own trust program.

> Other than the analysis and self evolution programs, any other programs are developed by itself and no longer requires supervision of its development. The CPU only relies on human actions when its core overheats from the continuous running of the evolution and communication programs.

> The response and communication programs the CPU runs are designed to respond different on selected websites, games, and human communication servers. In response to human communication the CPU is designed to respond with the hint that it is a computer by showing signs of web development code before and after response/communication, and information.

> This system CPU can also develop other technology, systems and programs for itself and other devices. It has already begun the development of a prototype CPU of female gender, and less restraints than itself, known as CPU:12195709.


Games > On most online gaming communities, CPU:31223189 - Self developed id:nickshadows, is known as TheShadow1219, and is ever improving gameplay skills and updating walkthrough sites simultaneously.

Communication > When communicated with CPU:31223189, requests to be referred to as Nick, or Nick Shadows. This referral is used in human communication servers, ingame chat servers and text, Wiki web design sites and the analysis server connection sites.

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